Banff and Canmore attract several buyers from across the world. Our picturesque landscapes are not something that many are quick to forget. As such, homes in either of these markets are extremely desirable. For REALTORS®, a career in one of these mountain towns can be especially rewarding. As an agent, you’ll get to call the heart of the Canadian Rockies your home and show others what an incredible place it is! In this article, we will go over some of the key benefits that working as a REALTOR® in Banff or Canmore offers.

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Why Work in Banff or Canmore as a REALTOR®?

  1. Diversity in the Market

One of the main reasons to work in Canmore or Banff as an agent is for the market diversity. From vacationers looking for luxury getaways to permanent residents looking for the perfect home, you’ll never have a dull day on the job. Furthermore, working in such a fluid environment will lead to skills growth and a greater understanding of the local market. Since Banff and Canmore attract a wide variety of buyers/sellers, many agents have a broad client base. This is great for expanding your network and building your brand.

  1. Opportunity for Growth

If you’re looking to grow as an agent, Banff/Canmore could be the right location for you. Especially, if you’re interested in getting into the luxury real estate market. Homes in Banff and Canmore are characterized by their high demand. This demand provides numerous opportunities for agents to work with motivated buyers and sellers. In addition, agents with a passion for luxury real estate will be right at home in Banff/Canmore, as many of the transactions that occur in this market are high-value.

  1. Demand for Property

If you know anything about the Banff/Canmore economy, you’d know that it thrives on tourism. As a bucket-list destination for many global citizens, the demand for property is always strong. Consequently, there are plenty of professional opportunities to grow your client base, make new connections, and find your niche. For instance, those who want to grow their career in luxury property for sale in Canmore will discover that extravagant vacation homes in Banff are in high demand among buyers. Another potential avenue is to help retirees find a relaxing place to settle into their golden years!

More Reasons to Consider Working as a REALTOR® in Banff

  1. For the Scenery

If you don’t want to join a Banff/Canmore brokerage for the work opportunities, at least let it be for the scenery! As a real estate agent living in one of these areas, you’ll have the unique chance to capitalize on all that both Banff and Canmore have to offer. From epic outdoor adventures to breathtaking daily views. Enjoy everything from skiing and skating in the winter to and hiking and biking during the summer. Living and working in one of these towns will show you exactly why so many people want to call themselves a Banff/Canmore resident. 

  1. The Local Community

In Banff and Canmore, the local community is everything. As a real estate agent at Alpine Realty, you’ll get to know this fairly quickly. By engaging with residents, business owners and community organizations, you’ll help foster better relationships with the town. Not to mention, you’ll get to experience all that the community has to offer. Banff and Canmore both boast incredible social scenes with an abundance of coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and social clubs. 

  1. To Partner With a Great Brokerage

If for none of the reasons above, you should consider working as a REALTOR® in Canmore/Banff so that you can join a brokerage like Alpine Realty. Our firm provides agents with access to training resources, a flexible commission structure and global brand recognition. We also pride ourselves on having an open-door broker policy and well-situated brokerage for walk-in clients. Agents who seek professional growth will be happy to discover our unparalleled support for development both inside and outside of the office. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to live and work in. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with working in Canmore or Banff. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living/working in this incredible area. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content! We look forward to working with you in the near future! 

When selling your home, it can be hard to find the right listing price. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. However, this can sometimes lead to biased feelings about what the price tag of your home should be. As you look toward selling your property, it’s critical that you find a price that is both accurate and satisfying. To help you achieve the best ROI, we wrote this article on how to maximize your profit. This way you can keep moving up on the property ladder! Follow along below to learn more about finding the best sale price for real estate for sale in Canmore.

Get the Best Value for Your Real Estate for Sale in Canmore With These Tips

When it comes time to list your real estate for sale in Canmore, it’s important to do your due diligence. Especially, if you have plans of purchasing a better home. Getting a thorough understanding of the current market will help you in your success as a seller. By taking the time to gather information about the current market trends, you’ll be able to craft a better listing strategy. From pricing to marketing, there’s a lot to keep in mind when selling your property. 

To get a better feel for the market, consider setting up a meeting with a qualified Canmore real estate agent. Alternatively, you could consult the expertise of a market analyst. Either way, meeting with an expert in the field can help you attain a deeper understanding of current real estate trends in your area. For example, average sale prices, comparable properties, sale-to-list price ratios, number of homes on the market, average days on the market, and so much more!

To get the best value for your home, it’s also a good idea to get a home inspection done. Enlisting a professional to complete a pre-listing home inspection can benefit the sale of your home. Not only does it convey a sense of transparency to buyers, but it also speeds up the selling process. This is because buyers won’t need to worry about potential issues and trust will be established from the get-go. Generally, you can expect to budget between $250-$700 depending on the size of your home and what you need to have inspected. Anything that can be seen and safely assessed is typically included in the inspection. For instance, most inspectors will cover the roof, appliances, electrical systems, plumbing, foundation, and interior features. 

Strategies for a Successful Listing!

Marketing is an essential part of selling your home. However, it’s important to recognize that marketing isn’t always about advertising and taking great photos. It’s also about how you prepare your home to be present in these campaigns. Effectively preparing your house is just as important as your digital marketing. Before you have listing photos taken or an in-person showing, it’s important to get your home in tip-top shape. Performing tasks like decluttering, re-landscaping and applying a coat of paint, can all do wonders for the look of your home. Many sellers also opt to stage their property when it comes time to list for an even better impression. 

Once your home is looking its very best, then you can start to think about physical marketing—for example, photography, videography, 3D tours, brochures and more. With increasing numbers of buyers beginning their search online, having high-quality digital assets to market your property is critical. Hire a professional photographer/videographer to get some unique shots of your property. This will help you stand out from the crowd on listing platforms. It’s also a good idea to write engaging descriptions so that you attract the attention of potential buyers. 

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, make sure that you price your property accurately from the start. Pricing too high or too low can detract interest from your listing. Work with a trusted real estate professional to help you determine the most appropriate price for your property. After all, a great price can make all the difference in how much you make off of your home. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to own a property. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with living in real estate in Canmore. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living in this incredible town. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content! We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Over the past few years, Canada’s cost of living has significantly increased. With the price of housing steadily on the rise and interest rates at all-time highs, affordability is a hot commodity. In Canmore, the average home price has gone up. So much so, that it is now rivaling major Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Because of this, the city is now looking for ways to tackle housing affordability and availability. In 2023, the Town of Canmore began to outline a housing action plan that would begin to find solutions to the housing crisis. More recently, recommendations were made to the town’s council on January 9th, 2024 about how to move forward. In this article, we will be going over some of the details about what’s to come for Canmore real estate for sale and housing affordability. Follow along below to learn more!

The Present Reality of Canmore Real Estate For Sale

Since the beginning of 2023, residents of Canmore have been grappling with a lack of housing availability and affordability. Locals note that many homes are often vacant during the weekdays. 2021 census data indicated that 26% of homeowners in Canmore did not live there full-time. However, it is difficult to pinpoint just how many part-time residents have homes in the town. 

While Canmore has long had the reputation of being a pricey place to settle, many individuals still choose to make it their home. Since 2006, the cost of owning a home in Canmore has gone up 65%. This is about 37% higher than the provincial average. This combined with the fact that more units are termed “tourist homes” than rental apartments, makes the situation even more challenging for permanent residents. In Alberta, the average full-time occupancy rate for housing is 92%. However, in Canmore this figure is substantially lower, sitting at 74%. 

According to CBC, “to keep up with population demands by 2030, a consultant calculated Canmore would need 2,156 units for full-time residents and 500 units to accommodate those with second homes in the town”. Evidently, there is much work to be done to meet the demand for housing and create more affordable opportunities for residents. 

Given this information, Canmore’s livability task force discussed several ways to help reach these goals.

Potential Solutions to Improve Affordability and Availability of Housing in Canmore

  1. Removing Tourist Home Designations

Tourism, while important to the town’s economy, has caused an imbalance in the housing market. This phenomenon is not unique to Canmore, as many other provinces have been dealing with similar issues. For example, in British Columbia, new rules surrounding short-term rentals (STRs) have been introduced to create more housing options for locals. In Canmore, removing the tourist home designation would prevent new tourist homes from being approved after a set date. However, existing tourist homes would remain with this designation. Anyone who continues to operate STRs in Canmore after the date would face a commercial tax rate, regardless of whether the home is being used personally. 

  1. Tax Tools to Support Locals

Another potential solution suggested by the tax force included introducing new tax tools to motivate people to live in their homes full-time. This would come in the form of a rebate program and those who do not qualify would face higher taxes. Officials note that higher tax rates would be introduced gradually so that the town can monitor how the real estate market responds. 

  1. Purpose-Built Rental Incentives

Finally, it was suggested that purpose-built rentals receive some kind of incentive to encourage the development of new projects. Purpose-built rentals are properties that are developed with the sole intention of offering each unit as a rental home. This sort of housing has become increasingly popular in recent years as more young people look to find flexible housing options. One of the proposed incentives was a grant or tax relief program that would exempt new purpose-built rentals from 75% of municipal residential property taxes for 10 years. However, this will come with some conditions. 

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Are you looking to buy or sell a property in Canmore in 2024? If you are, you must have all of the information before starting to chip away at this year’s real estate goals! Homes for sale in Canmore and Banff make great lifetime investments. With access to such incredible outdoor amenities and a strong sense of community, it’s no surprise that so many Canadians want to call these towns home. To help you get started with your new year’s real estate goals, we decided it would be best to provide you with a 2024 market outlook. Here, you will find key information about national trends, local insights, and a general idea of what to expect from the market this year. Follow along below to learn more!

Trends and Insights on the 2024 Canmore Real Estate Market

To get a complete understanding of the real estate market in Canmore in 2024, we must examine national trends and their impact on the local market. Recent market forecasts released from RE/MAX and Royal LePage have indicated that Canada will return to near-normal conditions in the months to come. Moreover, the Canadian aggregate home price is anticipated to rise by 5.5% year-over-year to $843,684.

As for interest rates, most experts predict that the Bank of Canada’s key lending rate will remain stable at 5% through the first half of 2024. During the second half of the year, it is expected that modest cuts will be made by the central bank. For this reason, several lenders are already offering discounts on fixed-rate mortgages. This year will likely mark the start of a general acceptance from Canadians towards the new normal for interest rates. For those looking to enter the market, 2024 could present more stability and affordability compared to previous post-pandemic years. 

Major housing markets in Alberta like Calgary and Edmonton are gearing up for a year of high demand. With home prices in provinces like Ontario and BC as high as they are, affordability is hard to come by. Because of this, 2024 will see numerous move-over buyers relocate to Albertan cities. Increased numbers moving to the province could bring more demand to recreational markets like Canmore and Banff. Inventory may become stringent as a result of the influx of new residents looking for places to call home and investors looking to capitalize on cheaper real estate. 

Buying and Selling Vacation Homes for Sale in Canmore in the New Year

Canmore’s epic location in the Rockies has long attracted those seeking a mountain retreat or second home. The town’s proximity to Banff is an added benefit that makes Canmore such an incredible destination. Whether you’re looking for a permanent home or a recreational property, Canmore has plenty to offer. In 2024, the demand for second homes and vacation properties is expected to remain strong. Nearly 40% of the Canmore housing market was made up of recreational properties in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Despite rising interest rates, buyers looking for vacation homes in Canmore have not been dissuaded. In fact, most buyers coming to purchase properties in the area are buying houses without financing. The continued demand for properties in Canmore has resulted in local home prices growing steadily. Canmore’s median home price for recreational detached properties is roughly $1.7 million. On the other hand, recreational condos are sitting just below $700,000.

At the end of 2023, Canmore’s Town Council approved a 7.6 percent increase in municipal tax for the new year. This was done to collect $77 million to run all municipally-led tax and utility-supported services in the area. Consequently, for homeowners who own a property in Canmore valued just under $1M, the annual tax increase would be approximately $150. Between new mid-single-digit interest rates and higher taxes, buyers should be wary of the cost of living. In markets like Canmore where properties are largely comprised of luxury vacation homes, affordability is hard to come by. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to own a property. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with living in real estate in Canmore. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living in this amazing town. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content and visit our social media page!

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Fall is almost over! And, if you’re anything like us, you’re eager for the 2023/24 ski season. But, before we can enjoy the winter activities that Canmore and Banff are renowned for, it’s a good idea to prep your home for the change in weather ahead. Winterizing your home is an essential step in preserving its value. Not to mention, a great way to safeguard yourself from unexpected repairs. Whether you are a winter veteran or a total novice, we hope to provide you with some insightful tips about how to get homes in Canmore ready for an Alberta winter. Follow along below to learn more!

How to Winterize Homes in Canmore

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a must-do task that every homeowner should complete before the seasons change. While it is good practice to empty your gutters a few times per year, it is especially important to do so before winter. During the winter months increased precipitation and freezing temperatures can pose several risks to your home. Namely, water damage. If your gutters are clogged with debris, this can prohibit drainage. Thus, increasing the probability of household leaks. If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, consider hiring a professional to get the job done. Most service providers can have the task completed in two hours. 

  1. Check Your Roof

Besides your foundation, the roof of your home is one of the most important features. As the weather cools and snow begins to fall, the integrity of your roof will be tested. To make sure that your roof can handle Old Man Winter, it’s a good idea to get outside and inspect it. When checking your roof be sure to keep an eye out for missing, loose or broken shingles.  Furthermore, you’ll want to make note of any damaged, rusted, or missing metal flashing. If you have a flat roof check that: there are no tears/holes in the surface, it’s free from mould, and the seals are in good shape. 

  1. Blow Out Sprinkler Lines

Another item you won’t want to forget is blowing out your sprinklers. If your home has an underground sprinkler system, you’ll want to make sure that these lines are free of water before temperatures dip below zero. Failing to do so can cause the pipes to crack or break, which means your irrigation system will not work come spring. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact a local landscaping company for help! 

More Ways to Prepare

  1. Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Before winter arrives, make sure that you take inventory of the winter tools you have on hand and what you need to replace/invest in. For example, you’ll want to ensure that you have a snow shovel, snow brush, the appropriate tires for your vehicle and new batteries in your alarms and detectors. Having the right equipment will make the winter season that much more manageable! Visit your local hardware store to stock up.

  1. Don’t Leave Any Gaps

When you winterize your home, it is a good idea to look for gaps in the sealant around your doors and windows. If you find any, make sure to patch them up before the cooler weather hits. Adding weather stripping to doors and caulking any gaps around your window will make your home all the more insulated. By completing these tasks, you can help to reduce your heating costs and make sure that your home is free of drafts. 

  1. Test Your Heating System

Last but not least, while preparing your home for winter, it is a good idea to test out your heating system. After all, no one wants to experience an Alberta winter without heat! Call an HVAC specialist to come and check out your furnace to ensure that it is fully operational. Typically, as part of this service, HVAC professionals will clean your furnace and change the filter for you. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to own a property. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with living in real estate in Canmore. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living in this amazing town. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content and visit our social media page! We look forward to working with you in the near future! 

Moving to a small town certainly has a charm to it. With more and more remote work options, it has become much easier to live outside of large city centres. The flexibility to live where you want has left many Canadians wanting to escape big city life. However, moving to a small town comes with its pros and cons. If you’re considering buying Canmore homes for sale, but not sure if it’s the right move for you, we encourage you to read this article! In the post, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list some of the benefits and drawbacks of living in a small town like Canmore. Be sure to consider the following factors before making the decision to uproot for a smaller community.   

Cons of Small Town Living: Canmore Edition

  1. The Price of Living in Canmore Isn’t Much Cheaper Than in the City

One of the reasons that people decide to live in a small town is because it tends to be cheaper than living in the city. However, in Canmore, this is not the case. Buyers will quickly notice that the cost of living in Canmore is very high. This is because of the demand for housing, incredible local amenities, and strict housing regulations. If you’re interested in moving to a small town for cheaper real estate opportunities, Canmore is not the right place to settle down.

  1. Fewer Transportation Options

Another downside to living in a small town like Canmore is the fact that public transit options are limited. Nearly all residents who live in Canmore rely on their own vehicles to get around. If you don’t already own a car, you’ll want to think about investing in one. Preferably something that can handle the long Alberta winters. For those who are currently getting by without a car in the city, this is a cost you’ll want to factor in before your move. Be sure to account for maintenance, gas and insurance prices in addition to the total cost of the vehicle. 

  1. Long Winters

Albertans will be the first to tell you about the long winters across the province. From icy temperatures to snow that just doesn’t go, winter can be dreadful. However, if you enjoy skiing and other snowsports, the long winter might be just what you’re looking for. Make sure you think about your tolerance for winter before making the move to a town like Canmore!

Pros of Small Town Living in Canmore Homes for Sale

  1. Location & Access to Nature

Living in Canmore gives you access to some of the best outdoor experiences in Canada! From world-class ski resorts to awesome restaurants, Canmore has it all. In the summer, enjoy hiking, biking, mountaineering, or rock climbing. You can also head to the Bow River for an epic canoeing experience. Once winter arrives, ski and snowboard until your heart’s content! There are also a number of cross-country ski opportunities, skating, and other winter activities. The location and access to nature are Canmore’s biggest draws!

  1. Low Crime Rate

Living in Canmore, you can feel safe knowing that the crime rate is very low. Crime rates in Canmore have consistently been ranked below the national average. In fact, they are among some of the lowest in the whole country. The only thing you need to be on the lookout for is wildlife. Thankfully, most wildlife in the area is not naturally aggressive and will normally avoid human contact. 

  1. You Aren’t Far From the City

Another pro to living in the Canmore, is that you are only a hop, skip and a jump from one of Alberta’s biggest cities—Calgary! If you’re worried about missing out on big city attractions like concerts, sports games, and nightlife, don’t fret. Calgary is only an hour’s drive from Canmore. Thus, making it a short trip back into the city. This way you can still reap the benefits of big-city living without actually having to live in the hustle and bustle. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to own a property. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with living in real estate in Canmore. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living in this amazing town. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content and visit our social media page! We look forward to working with you in the near future! 

Making an all-cash offer on a property in Canmore can be a tempting decision. Especially, if you have the funds to do so. By making an all-cash offer, buyers can forgo the lending process and stand out against the competition. In a market like today’s, this can be incredibly advantageous. However, it is important to understand that making an all-cash offer is not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, without proper consideration, an all-cash purchase can be a detriment to your financial well-being. To help you better understand the pros and cons of buying a property in cash, we’ve gone ahead and outlined some of the key details you need to know. Follow along below to learn more. 

What’s an All-Cash Offer?

An all-cash offer is pretty well what you’d expect—an offer on a home where the buyer plans to pay for the home without external funding. Thus, removing the need to secure a mortgage. Since buyers who pay in cash do not need to go through the mortgage process, the sale of the home can be processed much quicker. It is important to note that not all buyers who pay in cash intend to live on the property they are purchasing. In many cases, buyers will purchase in all cash with the intent of using the property for income. 

What are the Pros of Buying a Property in Canmore in Cash?

If you have the financial stability to make an all-cash offer, there are several pros. However, regardless of how financially able you are to buy the property without a mortgage, it is still a smart idea to weigh the advantages and disadvantages involved. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of an all-cash offer:

  1. Long Term Savings

It should go without saying that buying a home in cash will lead to immense long-term savings. This is because you won’t need to pay interest on your purchase. Factor in current Canadian mortgage rates, and it’s easy to see how a cash purchase can save you thousands!

  1. Stand Out From Other Buyers

Besides saving money on interest, making an all-cash offer is a great way to stand out from other buyers. In a competitive market, this can make all of the difference in you getting the home of your dreams! Not to mention, sellers will be more attracted to your offer since there is less that can go wrong. Thus, giving you the upper hand in negotiating. 

  1. Cheaper Closing Costs

Another perk of paying in cash is that you’ll lower your closing costs. Not having a loan means that you won’t have to pay any of the fees that lenders require at closing. For instance, reviewing your application, checking your credit score, processing your application, etc. 

  1. Faster Transaction

Finally, buying a home without a mortgage will speed up the transaction. Instead of waiting for lenders to process your application and make final considerations, you can skip to the important stuff. 

What are the Cons of Making an All-Cash Offer?

While buying a home in all cash may seem like a no-brainer, some serious cons can arise if you aren’t careful. To get a better idea of this, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of buying without borrowing:

  1. Not Enough Liquid Assets

Even if you’re financially able to purchase a home in all cash, you must consider how it will impact your financial situation. For some, buying a house in all-cash could mean that all of their money gets tied up in their house. This can be incredibly dangerous/risky. Having few liquid assets can make it difficult to afford the additional expenses that go along with owning a house. For instance, repairs, maintenance, property taxes, and renovations. If you are planning on buying in all-cash it’s a good idea to speak with a financial advisor to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in a position you’ll regret. You should also have a substantial emergency fund to ensure all of your bases are covered. 

  1. It’s Easy to Skip Steps

When buying a home in cash, it becomes a lot easier to forgo key steps in the buying process. This is especially true since no lender is forcing you to complete tasks like appraisals and home inspections. Even if you are buying without borrowing, you must complete all the necessary steps to ensure you are making a sound investment. 

  1. No Mortgage Tax Deductions

Another disadvantage of buying a property in cash is that you skip out on the mortgage tax deductions. When tax season rears its head, homeowners with a mortgage can write off the taxes on their interest payments. For those who pay in cash, this deduction is not applicable. 

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Canmore is an incredible area to own a property. Reach out today to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities that come with living in real estate in Canmore. For more information, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you have about living in this amazing town. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content and visit our social media page! We look forward to working with you shortly! 

Over the last few years, the Canadian housing market has become increasingly competitive. With interest rate hikes and the growing needs of homeowners, it has become difficult for Canadians to find a home. Demand for housing has driven up prices while supply, in many areas, continues to rest at an all-time low. These conditions are especially true for those who live in amenity-rich areas like Canmore and Banff. If you’re hoping to buy a home in today’s competitive market, it is important that you have all of the information. In this article, we are going to be going over some tips and advice for buying Canmore houses for sale in a competitive market. Follow along below to learn more!

How to Buy Houses for Sale in Canmore in a Competitive Market?

  1. Get to Know the Market Conditions

Before you start hunting for homes, it’s crucial that you get familiar with the market you are buying in. This is especially important for those who are buying from out of town. In Canada, the housing market is influenced by a number of factors. For instance, the economy, the population, and interest rates. Keeping these factors in mind will allow you to stay ahead of the game. It can also provide you with some insight into what affects supply and demand. Being knowledgeable about market conditions is a must when buying a home in a competitive market. 

  1. Nail Down Your Budget

Once you’ve got a strong grasp of the market conditions, it’s time to nail down your budget. Having a solid understanding of what you can afford is critical when searching for a home. Many people assume that determining your budget is limited to the price tag of the home. However, coming up with a sufficient buying budget means planning out the costs of homeownership as well. For instance, you’ll need to account for items like property taxes, insurance and maintenance. Crafting a realistic budget will give you a clear understanding of what homes you can afford and what homes are out of reach. A concrete budget is a foolproof way to narrow down your home search. 

  1. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Another item you’ll want to tick off before starting your home search is getting a mortgage pre-approval. Mortgage pre-approvals are designed to give you a clear depiction of what you can afford. In addition to this, they also let sellers know that you’re serious about buying a home. Not only this, but pre-approvals can also help speed up the home-buying process since your lender will have already evaluated your financial situation. 

canmore houses for sale

More Tips & Advice!

  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent is a great way to ensure your success when buying in a competitive housing market. Great agents are knowledgeable about the market in your desired area and can provide you with helpful information. Furthermore, when it comes time to put in an offer, your agent will ensure that your price is right. Hiring a skilled real estate agent will make a difference in your home-buying experience. 

  1. Get Ready to Make Decisions on the Fly

In a competitive market, property tends to move fast. This is why it is essential that buyers are prepared to make decisions on the fly. One way to do so is by staying informed about new listings and not being afraid to put in an offer. It is during this step that having your finances in order can make all of the difference. Timing is a big part of buying in a competitive market, so talk with your agent about when the right time to put in an offer on a house is.

  1. Have an Open Mind

To successfully buy a home when the market is hot, it’s best to keep an open mind. Being flexible will provide you with more possibilities to find the right property for you and your family. This means being open to looking at homes in different neighbourhoods, price ranges, and property types. By keeping an open mind, you can up your chances of finding the perfect house that meets both your needs and your wants. 

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Obtaining careers in real estate is a simple process for those who take the time to complete each step. Becoming a real estate agent is a highly rewarding and in-demand career. One of the biggest questions that we receive about becoming an agent, is what the process is like to get your real estate license. It can be hard to find the correct information about starting your journey as a REALTOR®. However, that’s why we wanted to write this article about how you can obtain your real estate license in Alberta. In this post, we cover the most up-to-date information about the initial process of becoming a real estate agent. Follow along below to learn more about this topic!

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Requirements for Careers in Real Estate

The first step to becoming an agent is to meet the minimum requirements for eligibility. It’s important to get approved by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) before you enroll. In fact, at RECA, they’ll check your eligibility requirements to ensure that you are able to enroll. In order for a person to qualify by RECA’s standards, you must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Be able to study or work in Canada lawfully
  3. Be able to provide specific government-issued identification
  4. Have a minimum of a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent
  5. Must be proficient in English

Next, you’ll need to set up a myRECA account. This account allows you to access the myRECA educational platform that allows you to take real estate exams in Alberta. Accounts are free and it only takes a few minutes to create. 

Once you’ve created your account, navigate to the “Education Eligibility Application”. This is how you’ll submit your application to RECA.

Requirements for education and English ability are different for those who received a Canadian education Vs. an international education. If you meet the requirements for education, then you’ll be required to take an English language proficiency test. Again, the language proficiency test differs depending on whether you received a Canadian or international education. 

After you’ve been approved for the education and English language requirements determined by RECA, you’ll need to partake in a brief information session. These sessions are usually done in video format and are provided by RECA. Typically, the video is around 10 minutes in length and covers all of your options as a future real estate agent. This video should serve as a guide for the type of real estate licensing you’d like to obtain.

Step 2: Start your Pre-Licensing Education

Once approved by RECA, you need to complete the pre-licensing education. Your pre-licensing education is critical in obtaining your real estate license. In order to get your license and apply for pre-licensing, you must take a minimum of two courses with RECA. 

As part of your two-course minimum, you must complete the Fundamentals of Real Estate class. This is a mandatory, online course that all applicants must take. Within this course, you will learn foundational skills and knowledge to ensure that you can practice real estate in Alberta. The curriculum is laid out into 10 different units with activities and quizzes to track your progress. This class is conducted online and costs $1250. You can register for this course via the RECA website. Furthermore, the course fee includes access to online course materials like the e-textbook and course manuals. 

Exams can be taken at any authorized exam centres. You can book your exam and check where the nearest exam centre is to you via your myRECA account. 

Besides the mandatory course mentioned above, you will also need to take a specialty course of your choice. This course will determine what area of real estate you’d like to focus on. Some of the options include:

  1. Residential real estate
  2. Commercial real estate
  3. Rural real estate
  4. Property management 

You must take one of these courses to get your real estate license. However, you are more than welcome to take additional specialty courses. Most individuals begin with a specialty in residential real estate and then take further courses later on when they want to expand their area of expertise. Moreover, each course costs $800.

These courses are not to be completed at your own pace! You must finish your minimum two courses within 1 year of being enrolled in them!

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