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Pros & Cons of Making an All-Cash Offer on a Property in Canmore

Making an all-cash offer on a property in Canmore can be a tempting decision. Especially, if you have the funds to do so. By making an all-cash offer, buyers can forgo the lending process and stand out against the competition. In a market like today’s, this can be incredibly advantageous. However, it is important to […]

Buying Canmore Houses For Sale in a Competitive Market

Over the last few years, the Canadian housing market has become increasingly competitive. With interest rate hikes and the growing needs of homeowners, it has become difficult for Canadians to find a home. Demand for housing has driven up prices while supply, in many areas, continues to rest at an all-time low. These conditions are […]

Tips on Moving to Houses for Sale in Canmore!

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be daunting. However, with the right preparation, relocating to a new area can be a breeze! If you can afford to, using a professional moving service will help take a lot of the burden of moving off of your shoulders—both literally and figuratively. But, what happens once you’ve settled […]

Inheriting Family Cabins in Canmore & Market Outlook!

Over the last few decades, many recreational buyers have looked to areas like Banff and Canmore as ideal places to invest in cabins/cottages. With such stunning landscapes and endless outdoor activities, it’s no secret why so many buyers chose these areas for their vacation properties. According to RE/MAX Canada, it’s projected that over the next […]

Houses for Sale in Banff are in High Demand!

Real estate in Banff has long been desirable. However, post-COVID-19, it seems as though the recreational real estate market has been outpacing supply in many regions. Especially, in places like Banff. Over the course of the pandemic, many people took up remote work and outdoor hobbies. With tourism and the outdoors being two of the […]


All About Buying a House for Sale in Banff

Owning a house for sale in Banff is a desirable investment for nearly all Canadians. With endless amenities and jaw-dropping, 360-degree views, it’s no wonder that so many people want to call Banff home. But, how does one acquire real estate in Banff? And, is it really all that worth it to make Banff your […]

How to Get Real Estate Jobs in Canmore Part 2

Getting real estate jobs Canmore is a simple process for those who take the time to complete each step. Last month, we went over the first two steps in becoming a REALTOR® in Alberta.  Becoming an agent is a rewarding and in-demand career. One of the most common questions that we get about being an […]

How to Get Careers in Real Estate in Alberta?

Obtaining careers in real estate is a simple process for those who take the time to complete each step. Becoming a real estate agent is a highly rewarding and in-demand career. One of the biggest questions that we receive about becoming an agent, is what the process is like to get your real estate license. […]

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Banff Real Estate Blog Recap

Over the course of 2022, we wrote several blog articles about all things real estate. With 2022 coming to a close, we thought it would be best to close out this year’s content with a blog recap. This way you can read over any articles you missed from this year. From real estate career information […]