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Banff Houses for Sale Spark Debate Over Housing Density

Becoming a permanent resident of Banff is no easy feat. To live in the area, you must meet the various eligibility requirements the government has implemented. For aspiring residents of Banff houses for sale, this means you must either: Anyone who meets one or more of these requirements can buy property and live in Banff. […]

All About Vacation Homes in Canmore

Owning a cottage or vacation home in Canada offers its own bragging rights. Vacation properties in Western Canada are now scarce. During the pandemic, many buyers purchased cottages to escape city life, and numerous recreational homes have since become primary residences. This shift to rural living has driven up prices in Canada’s vacation real estate […]

Banff Pedestrian Zone and Its Impacts on Real Estate

The Banff pedestrian zone has been trending in the news lately for its controversial impact on the community. While some residents are happy to see its return to Banff this summer, others are not as thrilled. The Banff pedestrian zone has long been a point of contention since its start during COVID-19. Originally, the pedestrian […]


2023 Blog Recap of Houses in Canmore

Throughout 2023 we wrote several blog articles about all things to do with houses in Canmore and Banff. From real estate career information to specialty property content, we wrote it all! As we get closer to the end of the year, we thought it would be best to continue with tradition and give a brief […]